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Terran Fam


            Pre-K Assistant



                 Mrs. Crystal 

              2/3 Year Old Teacher

Miss. Jarah

         Miss. Abigail "Abby"

                     Pre-K Assistant

Ms. Kara

OJT Student

     Ms. Hudson Bennett

                 OJT Student

Mission Statement and Educational Objectives

Our mission at ABC Learning Center, is to provide each child with a strong educational foundation enriched with the values of citizenship, compassion, spiritual growth, respect, and love so that they may successfully fulfil their life-long learning goals with commitment, self confidence, and pride.

Our center is dedicated to working with children and families to best meet your child’s needs. 


Philosophy and Educational Objectives-Early Childcare Center



It is the philosophy of ABC Learning Center and its staff that children, their families and society benefit from high-quality early childhood programs. We believe that there is a critical link between a child’s early experiences and later success in life. We believe that you cannot separate child care and education; children learn best through their play, interactions and experiences.

The learning environment at ABC Learning Center is structured in such a way as to give the child an opportunity to independently explore, select, create and problem-solve. Staff plan and facilitate experiences for the total development of the child and each classroom promotes the physical, social, emotional, intellectual and creative well being of the children.

  • To become creative, independent thinkers;

  • To feel competent, productive and self-reliant, as well as fostering good self-esteem and a sense of self-worth;

  • To develop a sense of responsibility for their own mental and physical health;

  • To understand that they are a part of a diverse, multicultural global community and that their actions influence the quality of that community;

  • To foster the value that many kinds of intelligence – linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, physical, spatial and personal – are valuable and important to our community; and,

  • To encourage the development of higher moral reasoning, helping children to develop into adults with an internalized code of ethics and principles.

  • To provide quality care for children and support for parents. To give each child the opportunity to experience a fun and nurturing environment while molding a self-reliant child with high self-esteem and positive attitudes.


We are licensed


ABC Childcare and Learning Center LLC, is fully licensed #C08BA0015 and our standards exceed state requirements. The centre is routinely inspected by the Florida Deoartment of Health & Food Program, DCF, Fire Department, and ECS.


Our Location


Our location is professionally designed and built to accommodate busy toddlers and preschoolers. Our facility, toys, outdoor playground and indoor spaces are all custom-built to meet the development needs of your child. 



  • Our 2’s and 3’s rooms offers free play activities related to simple math, science and language concepts. Other activities include circle time, stories, songs and outside play. 
  • Our 4’s room builds on math, science and language using Pre-K activities. 
  • Our facility also includes two different outdoor play yards, multipurpose room and a library.



Our Philosophy


Our philosophy of care focuses on all aspects of growth. We strongly believe that children learn best through:


  • Active exploration
  • Experimentation
  • Problem solving


ABC Learning Center provides a loving, understanding, comfortable, safe and nurturing environment where children will be stimulated and encouraged to develop social, physical, emotional and intellectual skills. 

             ABC Child Care & Learning Center LLC




   Lic# C08BA0015

Miss. Addalynn 
Office Assistant 

          "AKA: Mommy's Little Helper"

                  Mrs. Lori 

     Cook / Office & Teacher Assistant


    Mrs. Brenda & Mr. John

                     Building Owners

             Ms. Shannon

                  Pre-School Teacher

          Terran Crawford

      Principal / Director / Daycare Owner

                Head VPK Teacher

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